I guess now Square Enix is returning the favor from the AC content that was added to Final Fantasy XV some time ago.

I will admit, it’s pretty nifty seeing a chocobo/camel hybrid in the game, and having Noctis’ Engine blade is sweet. It gives you a sort-of blue sparkly glow too, which is a cool nod to the game as well, and as long as it’s free or very, very cheap, like 99 cents, I think it’s a cool addition for fans of both games! I’d love to see some more stuff like this with other games, too. It’s always fun watching games get along and share ideas and content, I’d love to see some other Xbox icons appear in Cuphead. Who wouldn’t want a Halo-themed content drop where you get to shoot Needler crystals of of your finger? Maybe I’m reaching here, but still, the AC/FFXV stuff is cool!

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