According To This Kill Counter Video The Original Star Wars Trilogy Had 231 Deaths

Now before you accuse me of cooking up a clickbait-style title, I pulled that 231 number from the actual video that counted all of the kills. Although, it doesn’t include the destruction of Alderaan, both Death Stars, and the Super Star Destroyer from Jedi, plus I’m pretty sure a few other large capital ships on the Rebel side that got blown up during the Battle of Endor were missed too.

No matter how you slice it the video is still fun to watch if you’re a Star Wars fan. It goes through all three original movies and records every kill regardless of how big or small the character may be. Return of the Jedi had the most kills, with A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back coming in second and third respectively. Those figures just go to show that no one should mess with Ewoks, because those furry little bastards show no mercy.

Head on up above to check out every kill recorded in the three original Star Wars films.


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