Action Comics #1 Sells For Big Bucks!

This morning Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) posted on their Facebook page that a copy of the grail of grails when it comes to comic books sold via Heritage Auctions. A graded copy of Action Comics #1 (06/1938), which is the origin and first appearance of Superman.

For how much exactly? Oh, you know, just a cool $956,000! The book was graded at 5.5 with cream to off-white pages, which is pretty damn good for a 78-year-old comic book that once sold for 10¢. I love seeing stories like this as they solidify in my mind that the comic world of today is something that will only continue to grow in popularity. And folks like Steven Speilberg who think superhero movies will someday go “the way of the western” are sadly mistaken.



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