Action Factory Stunt Team Featured in Newest Freddie Wong Short!

Action Factory has long been a supporter of the EB, so it’s my pleasure to share with you their latest adventure in gnarly stunts with their recent appearance in a Freddie Wong vid.  It’s no secret that I’m a huge Freddie Wong fanboy, but to see my stunt buddies in one of his videos has cemented him as one of the most awesome YouTube All-Stars of all-time.

In fact, I am the force that got these two entertainment groups together, well in an indirect way.  You see I first exposed Freddie Wong and his vids to Action Factory, and in turn they contacted Mr. Wong to see if he could ever use their talents in one of his shorts.  Sure enough a few months later the partnership became a reality, and the video that you’ll see after the break is the result of these two powerful players in the entertainment industry getting together.  So your welcome fans of cool-a*s FreddieW videos!

In this video you’ll see the AF team getting their stunt on with some wire rigs, air rams, and overall badassery.  Plus, the video takes a look at what it’d look like in real life if campers existed on the battle field!  F*cking campers suck!  Check out all of the high-flying, bone bashing, rad action below, and make sure to look at the making of piece which features the men of Action Factory.  You’ve been needing some stuntmen to take care of business…





Behind the Scenes – Claymores



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