Yanim Studio has taken to the ever-popular crowd-funding platform Kickstarter today in an effort to raise the required funds for their upcoming project, Red Goddess.

Best described as a 2.5D Action/Platformer, Red Goddess, puts players in the shoes of a goddess known as Divine. Divine feels unsettled by her past, haunted and restless until she makes the decision to travel inside her own subconscious to figure out the cause of her problem.

In Red Goddess, Divine’s subconscious is represented by the mysterious Planet that is every bit as alive as Divine herself. Maneuvering through the game’s world requires thought and caution, as foes from within Divine’s mind seek to stop her progress. Luckily, Divine’s ability to split herself into two different parts – either the fiery Nar or icy Syn. Each personality is only usable while the other is not active, causing Divine’s current state to take control of her appearance while the other power is represented as a ball.

Navigating the Planet requires Divine to utilize her powers in numerous different ways. The Planet’s detection of Divine causes it to unleash foes in order to quarantine the goddess, forcing Divine to fight. By combating – or taking over the mind – of these foes, Divine overcomes these battles, allowing her to further expedite her progress.

Progressing through Red Goddess requires more than just combat prowess, as the Planet is a veritable maze. In the tradition of classic platformers, players must think outside the box to navigate through the world, solving puzzles along the way.

Red Goddess is currently on KickStarter and Yanim Studio hopes to raise $30,000 in order to complete the project. Currently in a pre-alpha state, Red Goddess has a tentative launch date of March 2015 for the PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U, Mac and Linux.

Screenshots of Red Goddess can be found below and be sure to stay tuned for more Red Goddess coverage in the following weeks.



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