Add Mexicans to Mel Gibson’s Hate List

Things keep getting worse for Mad Max.  Not only was he busted for using racial slurs towards blacks, dropped from his agency, and universally hated by the end of last week, Mel now has more audio tapes to deal with.  The newest one to hit the web is just as violent as the last, but this time he starts dropping some racial slurs on Latinos.  In this recorded conversation Mel still sounds like a raving lunatic while yelling at his Baby’s Momma.  He continues to berate her in a raving mad fashion, and makes claims of owning her and the Nanny that takes care of their child.  I’m pretty sure the Nanny is the one that Mel calls a w*tb*ck.

When I hear these tapes I imagine Mel sitting in his William Wallace kilt, with his blue face paint on, turning beat red in the face and spitting all over the phone.  This guy has pretty much said, “F*ck you fame, I don’t want you anymore!”  Isn’t Mel supposed to be some crazy religious guy?  Didn’t this dude make a movie about Jesus?  I guess it goes to show you that sometimes even the most religious people can be despicable human beings. To hear Mel in all his hateful glory head on over to this link.  You’ve been exposed to another Mel “I hate you all” Gibson rant…

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