Additional ‘Captain Marvel’ Character Details Revealed for Starforce and SHIELD Members

Last week Entertainment Weekly dropped the first official images for Captain Marvel, and now this week a fresh new batch of scanned character headshots have been revealed with details about the featured characters.

As we learned last week, we will pick up Captain Marvel’s story after she’s already discovered her powers, so she will already be a part of Starforce. We got to see a few of her Starforce compatriots as well, but details about them outside of their names have been scant. We also saw a few iconic SHIELD characters that will be in the movie, most notably Nick Fury before he becomes the Director of SHIELD and an eye patch wearing badass.

Thanks to the scanned headshots below, we now get a few more snippets of information for the film’s main characters. The only character who has still not been named is Jude Law’s Starforce Commander, but according to the Internet, many believe he’ll be Mar-Vell, who was the first incarnation of the Captain Marvel character. Others you’ll recognize from other MCU films such as Korath and Ronan, and of course Fury and Coulson should also ring a bell. Someone to pay attention to though is Minn-Erva, who is one of Captain Marvel’s biggest rivals. Head on down below to check out the character descriptions for Captain Marvel’s main cast.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 2019.


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