Additional GTA V Gameplay Videos Leaked: Jets, Forklifts, Driving

GTA V video leak

A user on Instagram by the name of dabzombi is posting video clips of himself playing Grand Theft Auto V ( GTA V ), and each one features different means of transportation and GTA debauchery. Who knows how long the videos will remain up, be we’ve embedded them down below for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE (10:00AM EST 9/13/13) – Dabzombi added a few more vids, so we’ve done the same. New vids will be listed at the bottom.

UPDATE (10:49AM EST 9/13/13) – More of the videos are being taken down, but a bunch still remain.

UPDATE (3:42PM EST 9/13/13) – It seems dabzombi is back at it. Just added two new videos, which are embedded at the end of this post. One features the weapon wheel, another just some gun play.

UPDATE (7:51PM EST 9/13/13) – Nearly all of the vids have been yanked, but there’s a few left and they’re new.

UPDATE (10:55AM ESt 9/15/13) – Pulled content has been removed, but dab has added new vids which have been embedded. This will more than likely be the last update since GTA V comes out on 9/17.

He seems to be playing at the moment and keeps posting vids, so check out his Instagram page here if you want to see more.

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