When you have an argument or some form of negative discussion with whoever is living with you your canine companion (if you own one) likely fades into the background while you rant and rave. After all, the discussion does not involve the dog and so why should it matter for him or her? Clockwork Demon argues that it does matter, and to further support their argument the new studio has created a video game surrounding the idea that a dog has thoughts on said discussions too.

Adopted lets players run free as rescued Boston Terrier Luchador as he explores his surroundings whilst investigating numerous human problems and ways to help or hinder those who Luchador crosses paths with. The game aims to make choice have a huge impact to the game both present and future, making the choices that Luchador makes of grave importance.

Adopted certainly looks like an interesting game, and playing as a dog is sure to have any canine lovers tale wagging.

Be sure to keep a close eye on Entertainment Buddha for all you need to know about Adopted.


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