Adopted is an interesting game, the whole idea that the player takes control of a dog is not exactly a new one, but what Adopted does with the game works wonderfully. Even though the demo I played was very limited in content and scope, it still showed a very clear path for whats to come. Adopted sets players as a newly adopted Boston Terrier, named Luchador.


Luchador must live the life of an everyday dog as he faces various obstacles which will do their best to halt his progress. The demo however, showed me that these obstacles were things which in real life would not be out of the ordinary. For all intents and purposes, Adopted casts itself as a dog simulator. Players are able to sniff, bark and chew, as well as more basic options like jumping and pulling items along. For example, I was able to pull a box along the floor which then enabled me to jump over a gate.

Since humans cannot directly interact with dogs, Luchador has to find his own way to communicate with his human family. This might mean being naughty, which can result in being thrown back into a cage, but it does not have to. That bit of food on the table might look nice, but eating it will very likely have some consequences. The ‘mission’, as I will put it, that I played was not clearly sign posted so I had to do a little working out, but it was pretty simple. Adopted seems to very much be an exploration game and so finding things becomes a big part of the experience. The demo ended with another human (female this time) entering the house, from what I played though the developers seem to have a solid idea of what they are doing.


Besides Luchador having the ability to do dog-type things, he can also listen in on human conversations and become a real part of the situation. With the parts I played, human conversation seemed nothing more than an idea, but I can easily see how it could be utilized to become a huge gameplay element. If you have a dog, it is likely that at some point you have argued in front of it. The game will be setting various stressful situations on the player when it releases, where choices made will cause changes to the game in both the present and future. Exploring these kind of situations from the dogs point of view sounds like a really cool idea, and really does make me pretty excited.

Adopted is in very early stages and so has a long way to go before release, so be sure to keep an eye on for more on the canine fueled project.

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