Adorable Pokemon Comic Making Me Feel Things Again

Very rarely do I stumble upon a web comic that really makes an impact on my cold dead heart. However this new submission by the talented FinalSmashComics really tugs at the heart strings.

As an avid player of the Pokemon games and someone who really dug the design and story of Mimikyu, it really hit home for me. For those of you who don’t yet know about Mimikyu he disguises himself with an old Pikachu toy in order to be loved like the iconic mascot of the series. Yeah when I read that it truly made me super sad, it was honestly more impactful than the Pokedex entry for Cubone who wears the skull of his dead mother.

With the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon hype train in full swing ( myself included) I expect some more amazing artwork and stories to show up for at least for the better half of a year. Make sure to check out the other awesome work FinalSmashComics has done in the links below.

Don’t forget to give your Mimikyus plenty of love in the updated Poke-amie when Sun&Moon launch this November!

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