Advanced Warfare: Supremacy is the Latest DLC for the Frenetic FPS

Advanced Warfare, to no surprise is getting the next round of DLC treatment in the form of Supremacy, which promises to bring us some pretty awesome looking maps, both old and new.

Remember Highrise from Modern Warfare 2? Now just imagine that, but with all the crazy stuff you get in Advanced Warfare, bringing the new exo abilities and weapons to the old-school small-to-medium sized map that’s sure to get your 2009 nostalgia juices flowing like crazy. Compound looks to be a brand new small close-quarters map (but will any small map ever be as good as Rust?), and it’ll definitely put your trigger finger and fists to the test as you zip around corners and try to be the first to fire. Kremlin is going to present different styles to different players, while you could run back and forth from one side of the three-lane map to the other, you could also pick off other players as they pass through each lane trying to get to their destination, allowing players to use a wide variety of equipment and weapons on just one map. Parliament is a map of mixed site-lines providing opportunities for players that hate snipers to do some fancy footwork while chasing down after any would-be sharpshooters. There’s also a map-exclusive killstreak that will allow players to take control of a missile barrage, and cause some serious destruction.

Of course, there will be a new chapter in Exo Zombies available, and Bruce Campbell is joining the already awesome cast of characters in the story. Taking place on an Atlas Carrier ship, new weaponry will be available, as well as new Atlas enemies, Sentinel support squads, and a slew of new zombies to blast into smithereens. Check out the video above and try to contain yourself when you see Skyrise.

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