Sledgehammer continues to impress with an awesome new lineup of maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and the map spread is pretty solid!

Perplex is a pretty big, open map, perfect for getting some use out of the new LMG/Shotgun hybrid weapon while flying all over the place, and looks to be this game’s version of Rust from Modern Warfare 2.

Climate will provide a wide range of gameplay choices, between close-quarters combat in the sewers under the map, lots of twists and turns, sure to make some players real punchy.

Chop Shop will consist of a few small, open areas connected by alleyways and paths through buildings, and is definitely going to provide multikills-aplenty to those that use their explosives wisely.

Site 244, the last new map is set at the base of Mount Rushmore where an alien ship has crashed and leaked some of its precious cargo. Players will be able to use what look like alien eggs to see other players through walls, though I don’t know how long that lasts, so it could either be a nifty life-saver, or an overused game killer that’ll make people hate it.

Finally, a new Exo Zombies map, Infection is going to be a sequel to the original Exo Zombies and pick up where it left off. New zombie types will be introduced, including a giant one with a shield and weapon and armor, and a new weapon, which looked like some kind of microwave gun, but check it out for yourself and see what you make of it!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the newest Exo Ability, Grapple. That’s right, mother freaking grappling hooks, and you can be sure I’ll be the guy screaming “GET OVER HERE” as I kill someone with it. Check out the trailer above and get pumped!


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