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Aero’s Quest will be hitting Steam and select consoles this spring and I can promise you there will be blood…and buttons…lots of buttons. This new side scrolling, arcade platformer from indie developer/publisher Soloweb N.V. Studios and leading art-studio Raven Eye Studio is prepared to test your patience by handing you 5 unique worlds, 100 different levels, and only 50 seconds on the clock. Why not a minute you ask? Because only losers need those extra 10 seconds!

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You’ll explore these worlds as Aero in search of his kidnapped soul mate Ariella. Unfortunately for Aero, his soul mate has attracted the attention of the evil Andraus, who kidnaps the beautiful dame for himself. Someone really could’ve contacted Andraus to tell him that Donkey Kong had that domain covered a few decades ago, but it’s been awhile, so I guess someone had to pick up the torch. In true evildoer fashion, he also attempts to turn Aero into a bare piece of metal to add to his collection of machines. That plan doesn’t turn out too well though as Aero’s love for Ariella frees him of his new stoic form, molding the metal into a makeshift suit that would make Tony Stark very proud of the little guy. With you’re new gear and a hand full of power-ups, you must race to Ariella’s aid before Andraus can escape. SPOILERS: He escapes a lot.

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I was given the chance to take an early alpha version of Aero’s Quest for a test drive and my first thought was, “Wow! This is so colorful and bright and happy, my niece would love this!” Then I proceeded to take two steps forward and died along with my initial assumptions in an explosion of bones and flesh that had my jaw slightly ajar for about 5 minutes. Aero’s Questdoesn’t hold your hand, it feeds it through a running saw blade. The levels will require memorization, back tracking, quick reflexes, and the patience of a monk. Oh and again, 50 seconds, that’s all ya got.

There was no difficulty setting in the alpha version, but if there was I would crank it up. It’s addicting, no matter how many times I died, I kept wanting Andraus to throw more traps at me so I could conquer them like a beast…only to die about two feet from Ariella’s cage attempting a mundane jump. It’ll definitely help fill the void in any gamers heart that craves a bit of an unforgiving challenge. Soloweb made sure to give you plenty of achievements to feed you’re compleitionist side as well.

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If you’d like to get YOUR hands on Aero’s Quest, an early browser version of the game is playable on the games site with limited content in the link below. Also, if you’re at the PAX South Gaming Expo in San Antonio, TX between January 23-25, Soloweb N.V. will be there to show it off to all you lucky people. You can also pledge your support to Aero’s Quest on Steam Greenlight.


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