After Reset RPG Is A Kickstarter Project for Old School Fallout Fans

In After Reset RPG you play as a fully customized (if you wish) rogue warrior of the wastelands. The team over at Black Cloud Studios have a lot of ambition, and a game that on paper sounds brilliant, with that said, the short glimpses of gameplay we have seen show a lot of promise for what is to come. Gamers who were fans of the old Isometric view fallout games have a lot to be excited about with After Reset RPG.

Among it’s own exciting and mysterious premise shown in the story trailer above, After Reset RPG borrows deeply from elements of past popular franchises without straight up copying them.

after reset 2
As with the classics, After Reset RPG takes a zoomed out view as its camera angle of choice.

As the trailer above states, the world has turned up on its head due to a strange occurrence involving peculiar alien artifacts landing on earth, and laying dormant for years. On May 12 however something happened, which resulted in a once life littered planet, setting afire and bursting into flames. Nearly all life has been extinguished in the hell-fire, and so as the lone wanderer you are tasked with surviving, whilst digging through an epic story along the way.

But to cater to modern audiences, the game also features a detailed zoomed in view too.
To cater to modern audiences, the game also features a detailed zoomed in view too.

Black Cloud Studios plans to make After Reset RPG the size of both Fallout 1 and 2 combined, which can range between anywhere from 50 to 100 hours of gameplay. The team did attempt a Kickstarter last year however it failed, instead only raising $47,939 of its overly ambitious $900,000 base goal. The new Kickstarter has drastically reduced this value to a much more feasible $35,000. Opting to this lower number will have an affect on the game’s production, but Black Cloud is now planning to release After Reset in a series of episodes as opposed to one complete game.

After Reset RPG is aiming to stun on PC, MAC and Linux and with almost a full campaigns length of time (23 days) to go, After Reset RPG is already smashing its goal. With $53, 493 raised already, and plenty of time to go, we have a potential winner on our hands. You can check out After Reset RPG for yourself on the game’s Kickstarter page, and support Black Cloud Studios in making their vision a reality.


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