‘After the Snap’ Fan Art for ‘Infinity War’ Perfectly Captures the Aftermath of Its Tragic Ending

Stephen Byrne

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War will be present, but honestly if you haven’t seen it by now you clearly don’t care, so why do I even feel compelled to give a warning.

Anyway, Infinity War is a pretty sad movie thanks to a few of the events that take place within it. The ending in particular is pretty rough considering that a large portion of the MCU gets wiped out by Thanos with a snap of his fingers. Black Panther faded away, as did Bucky, Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, Spider-Man, Groot, and don’t forget that half of the galaxy did too. So yeah, the ending of this comic book movie is pretty intense.

There’s a new piece of fan art from Stephen Byrne‏ that perfectly embodies this tragic end for Infinity War, which he titled, “After the Snap”. As you can see below in the full shot, it’s more of a comic book panel than art piece, but its message is clear. It shows the return of the surviving heroes who lived through the snap as they explain the horrible news to Shuri. Shuri in turn tears up, effectively making the end of Infinity War even more depressing than it already was. Thank you Mr. Byrne, you’re a master of the geek arts.

Make sure to hit up Stephen’s twitter profile above if you enjoy high quality comic book style art.


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