‘Agents of Mayhem’ Teams Up with DeviantArt

Deep Silver has teamed up with DeviantArt to highlight the expressive personalities of the characters in the upcoming summer blockbuster, Agents of Mayhem, through a collection of ‘After Hours” themed scenes from a bunch of incredibly talented artists!

Agents of Mayhem fans get to see the Agents like never before through exclusive DeviantArt portraits! For anyone who doesn’t know, DeviantArt is the world’s largest online art community. In partnership with Deep Silver, fans will get to travel into the private world of the Agents of Mayhem! Twelve popular artists have been commissioned from DeviantArt to create candid portraits of each Agent enjoying their time away from saving Seoul in the battle with Dr. Babylon and LEGION.

Starting July 25th, each artist will release their art piece on an exclusive DeviantArt hub for the next 24 days! On alternate days, Agents of Mayhem fans will get the opportunity to take a closer look at each of the deviant artists. These amazing artists have captured the pure essence of the Agents’ lives; some relax by honing their skills, while others have more unexpected pastimes.


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