Agony is an upcoming horror game that is going to scare the shit out of most that play it, and mortify basically anyone watching.

In a good way, I think, assuming that the game is executed well, and isn’t just edgy for the sake of it like Hatred, which was frankly just a shit game.

The latest story trailer for the game is, well, pretty nasty looking and reminds me a lot of Dante’s Inferno with all of the crazy hellish imagery. I can’t tell if it’s going to be more survival horror or psychological horror, because it looks like you’re the one who’s doing the nasty on everyone else in hell. From gouging out people’s eyes to driving your hand through their chest, and *ahem* courting a demon with a vagina-head.

I didn’t make that last thing up, it’s in the trailer, and it’s not explicitly what’s happening but… one can assume. Make sure you pre-order your copy before the game gets banned in whatever country you live in.

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