I’d say I’ve definitely become a fanboy of Freddie Wong.  I just love the nature of his videos, which usually deal with guns and shooting people.  It’s kind of like the news, but not as depressing.  In “Aimbot”, Freddie shows us what it would be like if real life turned into a FPS multiplayer battle.

Cheaters use aimbots in games to basically auto-kill any other player.  It’s a bunch of crap, and Freddie is showcasing how much BS aimbots are.  I love the part where the one a-hole is doing the bunny hop and Freddie caps him mid jump.  I never thought that strategy worked to well.

Don’t you kind of wish this kind of stuff happened in real life?  Talk about a new form of population control!  Sign me up.  You’ve been aimbotted loser…


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