AirConsole Review – Ouya But With A Subscription

Okay, so let’s be reasonable here, pretty much everyone has a smartphone and at least one friend with access to a laptop. That’s all you really need to play the AirConsole, which works similarly to Jackbox games, but rather than connecting to a game with your phone, you connect to a website with your phone.

In a nutshell, you control a website with your phone, and play very low-end Android games on the website (again, with your phone). The only thing that’s really special about it, that sets it apart from, say, a flash games website, is the fact that multiple people can connect with their phone to play multiplayer games. This would be a fun idea if any of the games were fun for more than a few minutes at a time. Let’s face it here, the only people that are going to hear about this (unless it suddenly explodes onto the mainstream) are gamers. People that already have dedicated home consoles or gaming PCs, and to those people, I’d say don’t bother with this. There’s nothing really exciting here, the most exciting game that I played was akin to Angry Birds, but somehow less fun and thought provoking.

If this app had some kind of must-own multiplayer game, I could see the benefit in it. Even with the $4.99 monthly fee, which removes ads and allows more than two players, the experience didn’t feel like it really opened up anymore. It just felt like it became less irritating, and is that really a complement? This isn’t like the Ouya in the sense that it was a huge commercial flop/lie, but in the sense that it’s just a bunch of low-quality Android games. You couldn’t exactly play this with your little kids, either, as everyone has to have a smart phone, and unless your 6-year-old has a Galaxy or iPhone, you ain’t playing it with the whole family.

I see potential here, I really do, the interface was easy enough to navigate, and the idea is a good one but the games here are just nothing. I didn’t feel stimulated for even a second when looking through the games. Maybe if it picked up a bunch of older indie games or something, from the early 2010’s that might be cool. I’d pay 5 bucks a month to play shit like Braid and Fez and Super Meat Boy, and some actual fun party games. I understand it ain’t easy to get licensing for stuff like that, but this app needs something, anything, give me a reason to give a damn about it for more than three minutes. I can’t honestly recommend that anyone buys the membership to this, but it costs nothing to check it out with all the ads and whatnot. Maybe someone else will see something that I don’t, I want this to be good, I really do, but I can’t say much more now. I give a hard pass on the AirConsole, unless they cook up something really great.

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