Alice VR – Developer Diary and Release Date Revealed

A new phenomenal looking title by the name of Alice VR will be releasing on October 27th. The people over at Carbon Studio are hard at work to make their vision a reality with this one.

Waking from a cryo-sleep because of the ship’s malfunctioned AI, you make an emergency landing on a foreign planet. The planet is a desolate one, with alien civilization for you to discover and find out why the inhabitants have all disappeared. You will venture into a world where the tales of Alice are brought into a more sci-fi setting with the ultimate goal of getting off of this desolate planet.

Desert landscape from Alice VR.
Desert landscape from Alice VR.

Don’t let the VR moniker at the end of the title scare you into not picking this one up — Alice VR will also work on traditional gaming setups. Each purchase of the game will come with the soundtrack composed by Francois Jolin, a forty-page art book with developer notes, exclusive wallpapers and behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the game.

Check out the video above to see where the developers got their inspiration; it really is a beautiful thing to watch. I personally can’t wait to see how this game’s story unfolds while exploring this desolate landscape.


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