Alien: Isolation’s Safe Haven Add-On Now Available, New Screenshots

Alien: Isolation is set to get a whole lot more dangerous today, with the game’s third add-on, Safe Haven, now available for download.

Safe Haven will introduce players to new characters and gameplay modes, including the ‘Salvage Challenge’, which tasks players with completing ten assorted tasks without dying. Anyone familiar with Alien: Isolation will be quick to understand how difficult this will be.

Additionally, Safe Haven will introduce Sevastopol Station’s Community Manager, Hughes, as a playable character. Hughes has become trapped in a so-called safe room on the lower deck of the Station, and his only means of escaping comes through completing ten difficult tasks. Something tells us that this will be no simple fetch quest.

Accompanying the news of Safe Haven’s release, Sega has also released a handful of screenshots, which showcase the dark atmosphere of Safe Haven.


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