All Hell Breaks Loose in new Cataclysmic Map for Evolve Stage 2

Evolve Stage 2 recently kicked off its Shear Madness event, a series of free DLC reveals for the game. The event started with the Quantum Surge update, introducing Quantam Caira as a new Medic character while simultaneously leaving a high bar for the reveals that follow. Now it’s time for the game’s 4v1 Hunt Mode gameplay dynamic to get a facelift.

The Cataclysm update features the titular new map, and it is filled to the brim with apocalyptic dangers. Cataclysm is an Orbital Drill variant teeming with hellfire, lava, embers, soot, smoke, and everything in between. Meteors reign from the sky, damaging hunters and monsters alike in their wake. No one (and no thing) is safe from the cataclysm, but all hope is not lost. Some of these meteors are infused with Generyst (promoted in the former Quantum Surge update), providing an area of healing upon their impact instead of deadly fire and brimstone.

If you haven’t played Evolve Stage 2, you can download and play it on Steam for free. More playable characters, map variants, and community requested features will be unveiled in the next couple weeks, so there could not be a more perfect time to dive in.

Keep an eye out for what Shear Madness still has in store. The frenzy isn’t over yet.

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