Play as Yoku, the adorable little dung beetle, as you arrive on Mokumana Island to relieve the residential pterodactyl postmaster of his duties. Yoku is ready for the easy life ahead; soaking up the sun and delivering parcels in this tropical paradise! However, he’ll discover that the ancient Island deity is trapped in a restless sleep and the quirky islanders are plagued by quakes and storms brought forth by its nightmares. It’s all up to Yoku to save his friends and Mokumana Island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics and open world exploration! Harness the power of explosive slugs with the Slug Vacuum, explore the deep with the Dive Fish, and wake up sleepy villagers with the Noisemaker!

Flip and bump our pint-sized protagonist around the stunning hand-painted island on your quest to rebuild the post-office, discover the mystery of the Fruit Altar, and wake an old god from its deep slumber!

Yoku’s Island Express is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2018!


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