Feel bad for missing the opening press conference of E3 2018? Never fear, dear readers, we’re here to make the convenience of the internet even more convenient than it already is.

Andrea Rene, co-founder of What’s Good Games, hosted this year’s EA Play. It definitely kicked off E3 proper with an augmented reality display of a battle in Anthem, the headlining third-person shooter developed by BioWare. If you want to check out the whole press conference from start to finish, there’s a video up above that starts playing right as the conference begins.

Between Cornelia Geppert‘s passionately vague pitching of Sea of Solitude (I’m sold) and Unravel Two‘s emotional curve at the end of its presentation, there’s a good bit of authentic humanity residing in EA’s E3 presence this year.

But, if you’d rather skip all the presentations and just see the game trailers (I’m not one to judge), you can do that down below, too:


Battlefield V


Madden NFL 19



Sea of Solitude

Command and Conquer: Rivals

Origin Access Premier (subscription service)

FIFA 18 World Cup

The Sims 4 Seasons

Madden NFL Overdrive

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