All-Star Backpack Duffel From Solo Review: Carry-on Luggage for your Back

Solo makes high-end and affordable backups for all sorts of people and lifestyles, and one of its latest packs just may be the best hybrid backpack duffle bags on the market. If you’re someone who commutes regularly overnight, then you need to get to know Solo’s All-Star Backpack Duffel, because it’s design will allow you to stay on the go without the need of clunky luggage to tote your clothes and work related items around.

At first glance it looks like a piece of carry-on luggage, but upon further inspection you will find that it also can double as an everyday backpack/duffel bag. It comes with a padded pocket that supports up to 15″ sized laptops and devices, a separate shoe/dirty laundry compartment, plus plenty of zippered pockets to store cables, pens, pencils, or toiletries. Thanks to its hybrid nature it also sports a removable shoulder strap if you want to carry it more like a duffel bag, but it also has hidden backpack straps if you prefer the double shoulder support. To round out its carrying options it also has a nylon handle on its top cover, as well as its side for hand gripping.

Like I mentioned earlier, this pack is invaluable for people that do a lot of business travel or short trips. I could even see people that live in a huge city like New York getting use out of it as they visit friends across town and don’t necessarily want to make the trip back to their place after a night of shenanigans. If anything else it’s definitely a fantastic bag for air travelers thanks to its size and ability to hold enough clothing for a multi-day trip on top of holding your electronics and other work/leisure related items.

I for one will exclusively use it for air travel now thanks to its convenient carrying options, but also because it’s small enough to not need checking, but not so small that I can only use it for overnight trips. If you pack efficiently I’d wager that you could get close to a week’s worth of clothes into it and possibly another pair of shoes, so if you’re someone who prefers to skip out on baggage lines and paying additional fees to check bags, the All-Star Backpack Duffel from Solo is a solid option for traveling more efficiently and slightly less costly when a plane ride is required for your travel. Not to mention that it only weighs 2.2 pounds, so it’s very light and comfortable to wear or carry.

If I had one complaint about this Solo bag it’d be the fact that it doesn’t have roller wheels. It really is shaped like a piece of luggage than a backpack, so it would have been cool to have the ability to pop out a handle and use some wheels to drag it, but considering that it has multiple carrying options already, the lack of a handle and wheels isn’t a huge deal. Plus, when smaller bags do incorporate those features they typically add weight to the bag, as well as take up packing space, so by not having wheels and a handle, the All-Star allows you to cram as much of your stuff into as possible.

Over the years I’ve reviewed other Solo bags, and like those I have found the All-Star Backpack Duffel to be a solid hybrid of a bag that frequent travelers would love. It’s stylish looking, but more importantly, it’s highly functional thanks to it being a piece of luggage with backpack capabilities. I’ve already retired my old traditional duffel carry-on bag because of how much I come to appreciate this pack, and even though I hate air travel, I’m still looking forward to taking the All-Star on my next trip thanks to its unique design and storage capabilities.

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself you can do so through Amazon or Solo’s online store.

Review Summary

Build Quality - 8.5
Functionality - 9
Price - 7
Style - 8



If you're looking for a hybrid backpack that can serve as carry-on luggage, then look no further than Solo's All-Star Backpack Duffel.

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