Allison Road’s Prototype Gameplay is Tension at its Finest

As evening approaches, it’s important that you bunker down, turn off the lights, and sit through Allison Road’s prototype gameplay footage.

In thirteen or so minutes, Allison Road establishes itself as the new king of tension, relishing in atmospheric tension.

While there’s an easy reference to P.T. to be me made here, Allison Road has been in development since before Kojima’s horror-redefining teaser hit the PlayStation 4. Allison Road may draw comparisons to the ill-fated P.T., but the above gameplay footage shows that Allison Road has a whole lot going for it other than a passing similarity.

What’s most impressive about Allison Road is how effectively it builds tension. Even in this early state, the game nails the photo realistic look, allowing for viewers to really sink their teeth — and minds — into the strange house. This, of course, is aided by the impeccably detailed objects seen in the footage.

Seeing the first-person camera navigate, investigate, and interact with the strange house in the tech demo is engrossing.  Seeing how the prototype footage plays out, however, is nothing short of spooky. It would be a disservice to delve further into what happens, but suffice to say that it is genuinely scary.

Keep up with Allison Road’s development through the game’s Facebook page.


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