Very few games available on mobile platforms seem to use the platform appropriately (aside from just using the fact that it’s a touch-screen). Imagine using your phone to intercept radio signals, though, to uncover a huge conspiracy about corrupt government officials and a time loop. That sounds pretty cool, right? Well, that’s what Alt-Frequencies is all about, and with nothing but your smartphone and some headphones, it’s pretty engrossing.

You’ve got a whole bunch of different frequencies that you can tune into and record messages from. You can then take those recorded messages, and force them to play on other frequencies, to expose certain things to various talk shows and radio hosts. The caveat to this is that there’s a time loop, and every few minutes or so, everyone except for you and a select number of people forget what happened. You’ve got to race against the clock to record the messages and send them to the correct stations.

You’ll know that you got an appropriate reaction depending on how the host responds to what you sent. I had a pretty good time trying to figure out what to send to who, and seeing how the story unfolded, even though I only got to play a small portion of the game. I’m always in the mood for a game that can tell a story in a new, fun way, and this is definitely just that! The game arrives on iOS, Android, and PC in May 2019.

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