Always Knew Kevin Flynn Was Really the Dude

When I first saw ‘Tron: Legacy’ I couldn’t help to think that Jeff Bridges character Kevin Flynn was very similar to another one of his famous characters The Dude.  They both shared that hippy aura and stonerish views on life that Bridges has mastered.  The only thing missing from ‘Tron: Legacy’ to make the connection to ‘The Big Lebowski’ complete is The Dude’s sweater, Donnie, and Walter.  Luckily for us the folks over at have taken some liberties with this notion and created ‘Tron Lebowski’, which really does have The Dude in the Grid with his bowling buddies.  It’s a pretty awesome marriage between the two films, so if you’re a fan of either I highly suggest checking it out below.  You were hoping that Donnie didn’t die in this movie either…

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