Have you ever been in an argument with a friend that ended in some type of coin toss, or other game of chance to resolve the matter?  If you find yourself in these situations more often than not then I have the perfect app for you.  Always Win by Jmay Live will guarantee that the odds will always be in your favor when you have heated debates with friends or family.  Rather than flipping a coin to see who has to take out the trash, you can fire up Always Win on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and guarantee yourself a victory saving you from the awful chore of taking out other people’s garbage.

Always Win can be used by anyone who has at least one working digit on their hand.  All you have to do is touch the middle card in the appropriate location to either cement the outcome for yourself, or your competitor, or you could play fair and truly let chance decide by pushing the middle card’s center.  You see, Always Win is a rigged game to the user who knows its secret.  If you touch the top part of the middle card you can let your buddy win (like that would ever happen).  If you touch the center portion of the middle card the winner will be decided by chance, or you could go super shady and touch the bottom part of the middle card to assure yourself a victory.

Always Win has a very intuitive interface if you’re in on the joke

If you have some friends and family that aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, then you could really work them over when it comes to small bets (or arguments) with the Always Win app.  If you’re not a scumbag the app is just as useful for resolving conflicts by using it the honest way.  You know there’s been a time in your life when a heated debate arose between you and your acquaintances, and you would’ve liked to of had a simple way to settle the debate versus punching them in their mouth.  The Always Win app for iOS enabled devices is just the tool you need to avoid these violent conflicts, or at least the best way to cheat your closest friends who may be on your bad side.  Check out a demo of this app in action below, and if you’re interested in picking it up head on over to this link.  You’ve been needing an app like this to take your dumb a*s friends to the cleaners…

Always Win iOS App


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