As the late Steve Jobs said when he unveiled the iPhone in 2007, “this phone is going to create a revolution in the mobile industry” and he was right!  The iPhone has revolutionized the smartphones of today. Something that makes the iPhone amazing apart from the hardware is the custom downloadable software known as mobile applications, or apps. According to a survey the iPhone is the most used cell phone in the world. There are competitors in the market like Android and Windows phone, but Apple’s iPhone stands tall due to the fact that its App Store offers apps that are better in quality, and quantity than Android and Windows apps. So let’s take a look at some amazing features of iPhone apps.


  1. IPhone apps can only be downloaded from the Apple iTunes. Apple iTunes offers paid and free apps; it has the largest collection of apps for mobile devices.
  2. Messaging feature of the iPhone is so good that people have siad that they enjoy messaging better than calling
  3. There’s an amazing feature to know the delivery status of messages. Attach a dot in the beginning of the message and you will be able to get the delivery status of a message, it works in most countries.
  4. According to a survey 40% of images that are taken in the US are done so using an iPhone. Due to the best in class camera the iPhone is used as an alternative to the digital camera.
  5. With iOS 5 Apple started the iCloud service; this service allows you to sync your data between all your Apple devices. Whatever you have in your iPhone will be there in your iPod and iPad.
  6. IPhone is known for the revolutionary things that it brings to the table, SIRI is the voice driven assistant that was launched by Apple, Siri revolutionized the mobile phones of today, now everyone is trying to create something that is similar to it.



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