Amazing Video Shows off Portal Trick Basketball Shots

The amazing technology of Portal’s titular gun has collectively baffled and amazed the video gaming world since the release of Portal in 2007. Since the release of Portal and its 2011 sequel, the strange physics of the Portal Gun have inspired some seriously impressive content from the internet’s most savy and creative minds.

CorridorDigital has taken the science behind the Portal Gun to a whole new level.

In the latest video from CorridorDigital, ‘Portal Trick Shots’, viewers are treated to some mind boggling cinematography. As the video’s two starring scientists hypothesize and execute some amazing basketball wizardry, all thanks to the Portal Gun, viewers will be left with their mouths agape, wishing that they could try everything in the video out for themselves.

After checking out the Portal Trick Shots video, be sure to head over to CorridorDigital’s YouTube channel for some of the internet’s most enjoyable content.


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