Amazon: Belated April Fool’s Joke or Real Deal Product?

Amazon is advertising a 3D HDTV set from StreamTV that has a built-in Blu-ray player, and it doesn’t require glasses to experience the third dimension.  Is this a croc of shit or the real deal?  I would assume since it’s on their site for a May 7th release it may be the real deal, but I can’t find a legit site for StreamTV anywhere.

The 42″ version is listed for 6 grand and has 500GB of built in memory, and it can be hooked up to your home network.  Maybe StreamTV is a new product line for an established electronics company like Sony, Samsung, or Phillips, but I just don’t know.  If you’ve been looking to get in on the 3D bandwagon and want to take a risk on an unknown product, feel free to pick one up from my store.  Let the rest of us know how it works out.  I’ve been saying the way to go for 3D is sans glasses, so maybe this is the breakthrough product of 2010.

You’ve been enlightened…

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