Amazon has thrown its hat in the music streaming ring, launching Prime Music today. This is an added service for those with Amazon Prime memberships to go along with the Movie/TV streaming and free shipping on Amazon purchases.

Jumping in on the growing market of music streaming, Amazon is looking to compete against the likes of Spotify and Beats Music. The initial offering of music choices is limited, as Amazon has omitted current hits and some songs from Universal Music. They are instead banking on the numerous playlists they’ve created to get things going, though only offering about 1 million songs to stream for now (compared to Spotify’s 20 million).

While the new-music selections may be lacking on Prime Music, it is a service that will grow and maybe give Spotify a run for its money at some point, just not at this time. While this new endeavor may seem a bit rushed, the news comes days before Amazon is expected to announce a new smartphone that includes 3D features.


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Via [The Verge]

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