The Amnesia series of games could be regarded as some of the most popular horror games of the modern age. A ton of horror games have pulled cues from these games with the sense of dread, hopelessness, and helplessness that they instill in players. You’ve got basically no way to defend yourself, you’re constantly being chased by disturbing, grotesque creatures, and must solve puzzles to survive.

Not only will this collection contain The Dark Descent, Justine, and A Machine For Pigs, it will include a hard mode for The Dark Descent. I don’t know if the other two will get this same treatment, and I don’t know what that hard mode will entail. Not much is given in the trailerbut I think that the added challenge of a hard mode will entice new players and veterans alike. Check out the trailer above and let us know which of the games is your favorite!

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