Amplitude Studios Dares You To Ask ‘What’s Behind the Door?’


Amplitude Studios, the indie German developers best known for their work on Endless Space, are planning to debut their newest game at this year’s Gamecom. Mum has been the word on Amplitude’s newest offering – until now.

Amplitude recently uploaded a teaser trailer for the game that asks the simple question: “What’s behind the door?”

The teaser trailer, which can be found below, poses more questions than it actually answers, but also serves to show a little of what gamers will be in store for once Amplitude brings their mysterious title to the masses. With retro-inspired graphics and an air of science fiction, it seems that whatever is behind the door is going to be something alien.

Take a look at the teaser below and don’t hesitate to tell us what you think is #BEHINDTHEDOOR in the comments.

Behind The Door Teaser Trailer:

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