An Emotional Response to the Nintendo Switch Reveal

The Nintendo Switch was shown off yesterday, and the internet is in an absolute uproar with 99% loving it and 1% who just hate it because the majority dig it. I find myself in the 99% camp of really enjoying what I saw with the short reveal. I don’t want to talk about speculations, hardware, what it needs to do to be a top seller—none of that is on my mind. I want to talk about the feelings I felt when I woke up early, half asleep with my coffee and my cynical attitude waiting to write up an article about how it’s just another system in a sea of consoles.

When that commercial aired and I saw the system in play for those three minutes, I was just enthralled and utterly absorbed in what I was seeing. It made me really excited, yes, but more than that. I felt my passion for games get reignited. For those three minutes, I forgot about all my personal issues and just smiled and basked in the wonder and joy.

Yes, I know that ad told us very little about the system. Yes, I know it was a marketing tool. And yes, I know Nintendo made that ad in order to get us excited for the March release. Besides it working (clearly) it also reminded me that there is still beauty in this industry. The fact that myself and just about everyone I know got swept up in discussions that were reminiscent of recess talk.

“Did you see that it played Skyrim on a plane?!”

“Did you see that new Mario game!?”

It was without a doubt one of the best experiences I have had in a very long time.  It made me want to write more and talk about games and cool stuff that the industry can still do… it all felt very “Nintendo.”

So while I am a cynical little goblin, deep down there is still a ten-year-old excited to play a new Mario game, and it’s good to know I still have that inside me!


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