Sundered is a Kickstarter title, though no longer in it’s Kickstarter phase, that completely blew away it’s goal. This game has become sort of a miracle story in Kickstarter. With a meager goal of $25,000, Sundered has already well eclipsed that at a staggering $202,102! This amount is well deserved as I have had the gracious opportunity to preview this title early. My thoughts on the game are positive, and I have barely a negative thing to say about it!

I will be honest: from the get go, I didn’t quite understand the story in Sundered. This may have been on account of me wanting to get into the game as fast as possible. You are dropped into the world with a pseudo tutorial on the game’s mechanics. The movement of your character is fast and fluid and really feels nice against the back drop of the hand drawn art style. Sundered has some rogue-like elements whereas when you die you are reset back to the beginning of the game. Your progress seems to be saved as you make your way through the procedurally generated dungeons. My progress seemed to carry over even after closing and opening the game a couple times.

There is an upgrade system in the game, as well, which is set in place by a skill tree. Every time you defeat enemies you’ll get some currency that you can use to upgrade your skills and stats. As you upgrade them, subsequent upgrades increase in price, so you might want to choose wisely to best suit your play style. Speaking of enemies, they are varied in appearance and diversity. I have fought many types from the basic little creatures that electrocute themselves, to big bad machines called Hunters that can hit you from anywhere on the map.

You can pick up new abilities, like your shield, from areas on the map. Trust me when I say these will take some time to accrue as you have to figure out how to unlock these rooms. There were moments when I felt like the “Hordes” that spawned were a little too overwhelming for where I was at in the game. I understand this is the nature of a rogue-like but I found myself dodging away more than I could strike at certain points.

Sundered is well deserved of its huge backing on Kickstarter. I could only imagine where Thunder Lotus Games will take it next. I hope that they take it and really turn it into something more special than it already is.

I am excited for my next session to jump back in and eradicate the Eldritch horrors!


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Preview statement: The copy of the game was supplied by the developer for the sake of the preview.

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