It has been a few months since the first teaser trailer was released for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Disney’s first foray into the new Star Wars expanded universe. Prior to the release of the first trailer, there was tons of speculation as to what Rogue One’s tone and character set would look like, and this new trailer seems to have confirmed some of the initial rumors. Let’s jump right in and breakdown a few key shots from the trailer.

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The first shot of the trailer immediately gives us a look at an imperial occupied desert planet, which looks a lot like Tatooine. Add in a piano version of the Imperial March playing in the background and you have the perfect opening to show a world living under an oppressive regime.

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If that opening wasn’t ominous enough, the next shot brings in Forest Whittaker’s character, Saw Gurrera, to tell us how the Imperial regime has spread across the galaxy. It seems like the rumors of ‘adding levity’ to this movie might have been a bit overplayed.

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If the Imperial shuttle craft wasn’t enough to convince you that the Empire’s grip on the galaxy was strong, this shot of a Star Destroyer hovering over the surface of Tatooine should definitely drive that message home. The Empire’s presence is felt heavily, even on the Outer Rim planets.



The next shot reintroduces Jyn Erso to us, and gives us a little more information about what her character might have been up to immediately before the movie starts. “Can you be trusted without your shackles,” sounds like Erso may have been in a Rebel jail/holding facility before being tasked with stealing the Death Star plans.

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If anyone was worried about Gareth Edwards being picked as the director of this film, perhaps shots like this will sway their opinion a little bit. The level of detail that has been put into the creation of each iconic ship is very impressive.

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There was plently of speculation around the Cassian Andor character after the first trailer dropped, and now we have a little more information about his role in this rag tag band of Rebel thieves. Many people assumed that Andor was assigned to be the senior officer that kept Erso in line, but this trailer reveals that he actually volunteered to go on the mission with Erso.

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Up next is a shot of Baze Malbus mowing down a group of Stormtroopers as they run off of an Imperial Troop Transport ship. This shot is probably meant to establish Malbus’ character as a grizzled veteran of the war against the Empire. Adding in the “they destroyed our home” line definitely helps to show where his character is coming from and why he feels the need to help Erso and the Rebels on this mission.

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Remember the shot of Donnie Yen’s characrter, Chirrut Îmwe, beating down a group of Stormtroopers from the first trailer? Well this one gives us the lead up to that fight, and it also confirms that Chirrut is a fearless warrior, despite being blind.

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If all of these shots are feeling a little bit too serious for you, then the first lines from Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO character might lighten your mood a bit. “The captain says your are a friend. I will not kill you,” gives you some insight into how K2’s character might play a role that is similar, perhaps darker, to C3PO in the original trilogy.

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Another beautifully framed shot of the Death Star floating over what looks like Tatooine. I know there could be other desert planets at play in this movie, but when I think original trilogy time period and desert planet, I think Tatooine.

rogue-one-stills-11.38.22 PM

The follow up shot is just amazing to watch. The Death Star passes in front of one of Tatooine’s two suns and causes a temporary eclipse. Again, a masterful shot from Edwards. His visual effects background definitely shows itself in this trailer.

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Director Orson Krennic makes his appearance in this trailer, looking as fierce as an Imperial Officer should, as he looks over Tatooine’s surface from the Death Star’s observation deck.

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Another look at what is seeming to be the iconic battle sequence of this movie. There still isn’t a great amount of context as to when or where this battle is taking place, but with the X-Wings flying in the background and troops being offloaded, it is definitely a pivotal moment in the movie.

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This is the first time we have gotten a look at Riz Ahmed’s character, Bohdi Rook. He appears on a transport ship of some kind alongside K2 and Cpt. Andor right as K2 drops a very C3PO type line.

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Here we get to see a group of X-Wings flying through a rain soaked canyon while approaching an Imperial target. Another visually stunning shot from Edwards.

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Some more action from the battle on the beach. This time we get to see Baze Malbus fire off a rocket shot at the head of one of the many AT-ATs that are assaulting the Rebel ground troops.

rogue-one-stills-11.48.44 PM

What can I say? Shots like these make me more excited for this movie every time I see them. This time we are looking at Erso and Andor’s ship as it narrowly escapes some kind of massive explosion which caused what looks like an entire mountain to come crashing down.

rogue-one-stills-11.50.21 PM

A great shot of Jyn as she walks out onto what looks like an exterior walkway of the Death Star. Unfortunately, she is greeted by a TIE fighter.

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The previous shot closed with Jyn asking her crew, “Are you with me?” This line leads into this shot of a group of Rebels on a transport ship perfectly. If you look closely, you can see Chirrut, Baze, and another member of the crew looking back at K2. Maybe he just dropped another one of his quips to lighten the mood.

rogue-one-stills-11.50.48 PM

Jyn stands in front of her team looking as confident as ever, but there is always evil to fear when it comes to the Empire.

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And here he is, evil incarnate. The baddest man in the galaxy, Darth Vader. He hear his iconic respirator breathing as the trailer closes on a shot of the back of his helmet. We have all been waiting to see our first glimpse of Lord Vader in this movie ever since it was announced, and here it is. Get ready, Rebels, Vader won’t let you off the hook easily.

Well there it is ladies and gentlemen, the newest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story broken down into its most interesting moments. We definitely gained a little more insight into what is going on within the Rebellion and what each character brings to the team. Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about this trailer.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to release on December 16, 2016. Are you ready?


This post was written by Nick Caminita, Co-Host of the EB Star Wars Buddha-casts.

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