The first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron (hereafter abbreviated as A:AoU) is here, as it was leaked a few days before it was scheduled to appear on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The funny anecdote about this, apart from Marvel with a playful tweet about the leaked trailer, is that I learned about the trailer being available as I was browsing my local comic shop for the week’s new books and one of the guys working there says “you guys couldn’t wait just a few more days to watch this trailer?!” He loved the trailer but it’s still funny that the buzz for this movie is still as palpable as it is, but now even more so when we had two minutes worth of footage to drink in (sidenote: how is this a “teaser”? This is a full trailer).

So after you’ve seen the trailer once, twice, a hundred times, it’s time to climb aboard the speculation train to dissect and discuss anything that is of note or value in this trailer to try and figure out what might be included in A:AoU but also where the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is headed after this. And when I say dissect and discuss this is going to go waaay down the Marvel rabbit hole, so you’ve been warned. The trailer is also included on this page for easy maneuvering between the trailer and this conjecture. Be forewarned, some of the items discussed may be potential spoilers as I will be referencing various events from the comics that I believe are relevant to the things we already know and have just seen in the trailer. I fully admit that I have zero idea what is in the movie besides items previously confirmed and detailed in the trailer and am simply making guesses and theories based on available information.



  • What we already know:

The character of Ultron has been around for quite a long time. Originally appearing in Avengers #54 as the Crimson Cowl, he is unmasked the next issue as Ultron-5, the living automaton. Eventually true believers learn that Hank Pym was the creator of the original Ultron, who almost immediately grows to hate Pym and learns how to rebuild and upgrade himself to the form that first appears in Avengers #54 as Ultron-5. Ultron sporadically appears over the years and most notably is the creator of the android Vision, played by Paul Bettany (who also voiced J.A.R.V.I.S.) in A:AoU, as well as the mechanoid Jocasta.

The most recent big storyline involving Ultron was the Marvel event Age of Ultron, of which it is safe to say will not really influence this particular movie except Ultron’s desire to destroy mankind. The 10-issue limited series plays like a bad version of The Terminator + Back to the Future Part 2, so don’t bother reading it and just understand that Ultron becomes self-aware pretty quickly and wants to take over using his own army of Ultron clones. Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon have also indicated that the movie will not be based on the limited series but that they just liked the name. The movie will draw from years of stories involving the Avengers and Ultron. In the movie, the main Ultron unit has red eyes while the subordinate Ultrons have blue eyes.

  • What the trailer says:

The first thing that Ultron (James Spader) says is that he is “going to show you something beautiful” and then remarks that all of the Avengers are puppets tangled in their strings. The last line of the trailer is Ultron saying that there are no strings on me. Those with a keen ear will recognize the music from Pinocchio (1940) but with a much creepier and darker tone. His first big moment in the trailer is in the Avengers Mansion where he stumbles forward looking a mess and crushes the head of what looks like to be another Ultron unit.

Also notice the Avengers A on his chest near his left side and that the alpha unit giving his speech about the Avengers being merely puppets as well as his main color being red while the crushed unit is decorated in blue. This ‘first’ version of Ultron looks very similar to the Iron Man armor with the illuminated chest plate and faceplate. Later in the trailer a hoard of Ultrons storm an undisclosed location. That’s it for Ultron and his swarm of clones until his haunting line at the end.

  • What I think this means:

I’m pretty confident that Ultron’s motivations are going to be exactly what they are in the comics, even if his origin isn’t. Joss Whedon has gone on record as saying that Hank Pym will not be a part of Ultron’s creation but I’m slightly dubious of this from some other evidence that I’ll present later in Iron Man’s section, as it seems that Tony Stark will be the creator of Ultron in A:AoU. The entire speech he delivers about being puppets on a string is interesting and while presented as an analogy, and also borrowing from fellow Disney property Pinocchio, is a clear indication that Ultron becoming sentient and eventually destructive is the core aspect of Ultron in the movie.

It’s interesting that the trailer and no other notes presented so far show Ultron as ever being subservient, which was the reason it was created, but always as a self-aware unit. While Ultron is a classic Avengers villain, it’s hard to imagine they would want to devote more than one movie to it being the primary antagonist but anything that happens in this movie is clearly going to impact anything after this in the MCU.

Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch

Celebrity Sightings

  • What we already know:

We already saw fully powered versions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the post-credits teaser after Captain Amerca: The Winter Soldier at the HYDRA lab with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker referring to them as ‘miracles’. They both exhibit the powers that are typically associated with them, Quicksilver being…quick and Scarlet Witch having the ability of telekinesis or reality warping. Way back in the comics both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were bad guys and were both members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, mainly because their father is Magneto (which I don’t think they’ll be able to get away with in A:AoU).

They were eventually made members of the Avengers and were semi-regular members of the team throughout its history. Scarlet Witch was also a frequent love interest of the android Vision, who was created by Ultron and is in A:AoU. The biggest storyline involving these two was the House of M crossover where Scarlet Witch creates an alternate universe where mutants are the majority.

  • What the trailer says:

The trailer begins with the two at some sort of rally and it looks as though they haven’t been taken in by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker yet as they aren’t wearing their A:AoU style costumes nor is Quicksilver’s hair the lighter shade. A little later there are brief shots of medical tools that seem to give the impression that the movie will provide some insight as to how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were made into ‘miracles’, which then transitions to them in the same room as Ultron. Scarlet Witch then has a breakdown moment outside a building in which she screams and falls to her knees. The trailer also has some scenes of Quicksilver showing off his speed and Scarlet Witch tossing some telekinesis around.

  • What I think this means:

It seems as though A:AoU will follow these two from their transformation into super-powered humans, perhaps on the same side as Ultron, to them eventually defecting over to the Avengers. Maybe Ultron rescues them from being imprisoned by von Strucker but then they realize how destructive Ultron is which forces their hand to join the Avengers.

The scene of Scarlet Witch breaking down is interesting in that it is most likely because of her realizing that they’ve been on the side of the bad guys and they need to change their ways, but it also might be related to a death or something else. Joss Whedon has said before that he will kill off a character if it makes sense, so maybe she loses Quicksilver, but that seems unlikely as both Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Aaron Johnson (Quicksilver) already have contracts with Marvel that extend past this movie.

The other interesting item is how they originally receive their abilities. Marvel does not have cinema rights to the word ‘mutant’, which is why they’ve been making such a big push for the Inhumans in their comic universe and is likely one of the reasons they decided to cancel Fantastic Four as they don’t have the cinema rights to that either. If Marvel really wanted to shove the Inhumans down our throat they would involve these two with the Terrigen Mist which grants them their powers, but the trailer seems to relay that they are the result of HYDRA experiments.

Iron Man


  • What we already know:

The last time we saw Tony Stark in the MCU he was getting over the PTSD he was suffering from after the events in Avengers. At the end of Iron Man 3, he decided though he is still Iron Man that he was going to get rid of all of his suits. Again, Joss Whedon is pushing hard for Tony Stark being the creator of Ultron in A:AoU instead of Hank Pym. However, with the way the synopsis for A:AoU is worded I’m not convinced that this is entirely accurate. The sentence “Tony Stark attempts to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program with Ultron” makes me feel as though the Ultron program was already created but that Tony Stark is simply reviving the project to suit his needs. Again I may be making more of something than is there but Marvel is usually pretty precise and calculated when it comes to what they are presenting.

  • What the trailer says:

Mr. Stark may have the widest array of things going on in this trailer. In the beginning, Ultron goes sentient and crazy, so clearly Stark has feelings of guilt and failure. He also says, “this is the end. The end of the path I started us on,” and Black Widow responds with “nothing lasts forever”. I’m not entirely sure what this is referring to but it may be a difference of opinion between Stark and other Avengers, because there are plenty of shots in this trailer that show the Avengers not getting along, not looking at each other, not being a cohesive team.

The second big, Hulkbusting part of this trailer for Stark is the Hulkbuster (Mark-14) armor to battle the Hulk. What brought them to fight each other? Where is this going to go? Why do Black Widow and Hulk have a touching moment? So it seems there are two sides within the Avengers and we don’t know who is ‘right’ and who isn’t.

  • What I think this means:

RDJ doesn’t have a lot of time left playing Tony Stark because he is getting too expensive and I’m sure Marvel is anxious to get different IPs into the fray. After Iron Man 3, I’m guessing Stark felt that the world needed protecting and instead of using actual heroes he felt he could revive/start the Ultron project as a defensive A.I. that could protect the planet. Clearly that didn’t work.

Does this trailer show the Avengers breaking up the band? This ties into my thoughts of what might be in Captain America 3. As I left the theater for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I could only think of two Cap stories they would use for the third movie; Cap as Nomad or Civil War. Rumors seem to suggest that Cap 3 will be the start of the cinematic Civil War story, so A:AoU might be lay the foundation that creates two sides. It could be a philosophical difference in how to protect the planet or it may be caused by the fallout of what happens with Ultron that drives a divide between the Avengers.

There are a few spots in Marvel’s movie lineup that are marked as “Unknown Movie”, which could really mean anything, but there also isn’t another solo Hulk movie in the works as of yet. Some suggest that Planet Hulk/World War Hulk is something that might happen, which could be an explanation of the Hulkbuster armor and Iron Man v. Hulk in the trailer. However, in the comics, those stories were orchestrated by the Illuminati (Iron Man, Beast, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Mr. Fantastic, et al) and their decision to remove Hulk from the planet because he is too destructive. There are portions of the trailer that show Bruce Banner in disarray but that would mean that his ability to keep the Hulk in check is failing. He does have that weird hand hold moment with Black Widow but maybe they’re on different sides leading into Civil War.

Other notes

There are still a few miscellaneous items that stand out in the trailer.

  • Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

So in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, von Strucker is experimenting on the “miracles” in some dank looking facility. There are some shots that seem to be somewhere in Europe at a place that looks suspiciously like this aforementioned facility, as well as Thomas Kretschmann reprising his role as Baron von Strucker that probably means the film will devote some time to this. The other curious thing is the weird ballet scene in the trailer, but who is that playing piano? Is that von Strucker? Somewhere earlier in life, Black Widow was a part of a ballet and was kidnapped by von Strucker to be trained as an assassin. This may be an extension of Captain America: The Winter Soldier that finally goes into the dark past of Black Widow. I mean, why else would they include a ballet scene in this dark and grim trailer?

  • Andy Serkis

There’s one shot of what is definitely Andy Serkis, but who the hell is he supposed to be?! He is confirmed to be in the movie but even IMDB is not saying who his character is as of yet. But popular opinion seems to think that he looks suspiciously close to Ulysses Klaw who is a notable enemy of (drumroll) Black Panther! Which leads directly into…

  • Cap’s broken shield

I don’t know if you know this, but Cap’s circular shield is made of vibranium which is a very, very strong vibration-absorbing metal. But something is powerful enough to rip that sucker in half which means Cap is without a symbol. One storyline in which Captain America is no longer Captain America, but instead goes by “The Captain”, he is given a similar shield by Black Panther. Could this be the Black Panther’s entry into the MCU?

  • Mjolnir

This one may be a stretch, but Chris Hemsworth does have a finite contract. There is a brief shot where Thor drops Mjolnir, whether for no reason or for a reason, and recently in the comics Thor Odinson has been deemed unworthy to wield the mighty Mjolnir. The new wielder is a woman, so is this MCU saying that they will change the Thor character for an upcoming movie? Thor 3 does not have a definite date confirmed by Marvel so this nebulas movie might be something in the works for the new Thor character, but granted this is making a lot out of that one shot.

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