And the French Wonder Why Everyone Thinks Their A-holes?!?

I’m not one that buys into stereotypes, or maybe I am but just pretend that I don’t like everyone else does, but it seems like the French get a bad rap.  For some reason they have become the butt of most jokes when it comes to wussy nations, and they’re always stereotyped as rude and unfriendly.  I’ve never had direct contact with a Frenchmen, so I can neither confirm nor deny the stereotypes laid out for the French, but after watching the video below I can understand why those stereotypes exist.

The video you’re about to see is set during this years World Cup, specifically during the South Africa versus French match.  I don’t know the circumstances behind the game, but I’m guessing the French didn’t win.  In an attempt to confirm that French people are d*cks the French Soccer coach, Raymond Domemech, literally refuses to shake the South Africa’s coach’s hand.  It has to be one of the douchiest things I’ve seen during a sporting event.  Old Ray looks like a 3 year old kid as he shuns the other coach’s attempt at sportsmanship.  What a tool!  Check out this awesome display of a-holeness below.  You’ve been Freedom Fried…


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