Android Has Its Own Security App Spoofed – D’oh!

Things aren’t getting any better for Google and its Android OS when it comes to security.  If last week’s stories about 50 infected apps found on the Android Market wasn’t bad enough for Google, now they have to deal with an app that is spoofing their own security application that was created to deal with the “Droid Dreams” malware caused by the “infucted” apps.  Talk about a slap in the face!

This newest Trojan carrying app isn’t on the Android Market itself, but it has found its way onto 3rd party app sites for the Android platform.  Once again the open source hippy model that Android supports is biting it in the a*s.  It’s a shame because I truly feel an open source platform is much more conducive to creativity than Apple’s closed model, but if this trend continues Google may have to start clamping down on its application submission process.  I f*cking hate hackers!  They ruin the fun for everyone, and for what?  Maybe they like to get together in a room and play ookie-cookie when one of their viruses makes the headlines?  I just don’t get the motivation, unless it’s a cry for attention, because the only kind they get is from their real doll sitting in a bucket of bleach down in Mom’s basement after some furious alone time sessions with it.

If you’re now weary about downloading apps for your Android just use some common sense.  Make sure to check out the permissions that the apps are requesting.  In the case of this spoof security app you will see that it asks for a permission to collect money.  This should be an obvious red flag, but I know sometimes we just install apps willy-nilly because we expect them to be safe.  Also check the app version if you’re going to download the Android Security tool, because the spoofed version is at 1.5 while the real app is at 2.5.  Take a look at some screenshots below that illustrate both the malware app permissions, and the official Android Security app if it was pushed to your phone for a clean up.  You’ve been given another black eye Google…

Bogus Android Security App Permissions



What the Android Security App Should Look Like If Pushed to an Affected Phone


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