Android Market Coming to Google TV This Year…[Update]


Ashish Arora, the manger of the Google TV line for Logitech, recently promised that the Android Market would be coming to Google TV in, “a very short term” referring to a possible launch window.  He went on to guarantee that the Market will be on the Google TV enabled devices in 2011, and that it will be happening shortly.  Arora alluded to the fact that the Android Market on Google TV won’t just have weather apps and other boring things to do on your TV.

I hope he’s right because the lack of apps on Google TV is kind of disappointing.  I’ve had the device for a few months now, and still find myself using it daily, but it’s time to freshen things up a bit.  I’d almost prefer Google taking the steps needed to get the blocks removed that the network TV sites have in place for users of Google TV.  If I can watch an ABC program on my laptop why can’t I watch it on my Google TV?  I’m sure it’s all because of greedy white guys in suits, but what’s the big deal?  If we’re watching their content does it really matter which medium we use to do so?  F*cking politics screw everything up!  You’ve been needing some new apps to waste your time with while watching the boob tube…


Google has released an update for Google TV this week, but it doesn’t bring the Android Market.  Just some minor fixes, nothing too impressive.  Kind of a bummer, but at least the service has been updated.  I still haven’t seen the update applied to my Logitech Revue, but supposedly it’s a staggered roll out, so I’ll keep my eyes open.  To get the full details follow this link.


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