Android Phones Outsell the iPhone for First Time in the U.S. – “Verizon Time Apple?”

Google’s Android OS based smartphones have outsold the iPhone in the United States for the first time last quarter.  Research firm, NPD, has announced that Android phones accounted for 28% of phone sales compared to 21% for Apple’s masterpiece.  What this tells me, is that Apple needs to break that weak-ass deal with AT&T and get its device on other carriers such as Verizon.

Android phones are sweet, but you have to realize that they’re selling more because the phones that they run on are available on more than just one carrier, unlike the iPhone.  This doesn’t take away from the success that Android phones are having, it really just highlights the iPhone’s limited carrier options.  It also helps that Verizon uses buy one get one deals on their devices, which really helps to sell a product line.

The real kicker is that RIM, the company behind Blackberry, kicks both their asses with their sales accounting for 36% of all phone sales in the U.S..  That blows my mind because the Android and iPhone devices blow RIM’s gadgets out of the water when it comes to the coolness factor.

I’m a BB guy myself, yet I’m starting to desire the much more gadget heavy Android based phones, or the iPhone, over my beloved BB.  If I wasn’t po, I’d be adding to the sales figures of the Android.  That new HTC Incredible looks f*ing orgasmic!

Damn you poverty!  I’ve got the itch now, and it isn’t crabs.  I’m dying for a new toy, but my funds situation is keeping my gadget envy at bay.  Maybe I can sell a finger or something?  Anyway, it’s good to see the iPhone finally getting some competition.  Like I said, maybe it’ll force Apple to get its device into Verizon’s lineup.  I love awesome stuff!  You’ve been given competition Apple…
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