Android Reigns Supreme When it Comes to Free Apps…

I came across a recent report that shows 57% of all apps for Android phones are free!  This is a direct result of having an open-source OS that runs your phone.  When something is open-source it means pretty much anyone and their Moms can make programs based on the OS.  All the code is free to use and tinker with, which is in my opinion a major driving force behind the success of Android, and ultimately the reason why there are so many free apps available.  Having your phone’s OS open-source also leads to tons of customization.

I just downloaded Handcent SMS for my Droid Incredible, which is a replacement SMS app that is leaps and bounds above the built-in text app as far as customizations and features go.  It’s little things like this that don’t make me feel bad for not jumping on the iPhone bandwagon.  I love the fact that I can customize the living piss out of my phone for free.  The same can’t be said for the iPhone because its OS is proprietary, so no one outside of approved devs can monkey with it.  Apple isn’t the only company that does this, most cell phone companies don’t open up their phone’s OS to the world, so back off Apple fanboys!

Take a look at the chart below, which details the % free apps versus paid for from most of the popular phone manufacturers out there.  Android devices are truly in a class of their own.  Most of the other companies fall in around the 20%-30% range.  I guess, go Droid!  I can’t wait to find a free app that will completely run my life for me, so I can become a human blob and eventually need a crane to lift my dead carcass from my home after they cut the roof off to do it.  You’ve been hooked up, only if you Droiden…

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