Android Users Should Pay Heed to PowerA’s MOGA Gaming Controller

I’ve long since ditched Android in favor of iOS, but I still respect its place in the mobile space.  Android devices may not get high-end mobile games first, because those usually go to Apple, but they do get more help in the hardware arena due to the open source model employed by Google.  PowerA, one of the world’s leading peripheral makers for gaming, has created an awesome little deivce for Android based phones and tablets that will allow you to game like a pro on the go.

The MOGA is its name, and it’s basically a mini-controller that allows you to either connect your device to its swing arm, or via Bluetooth.  The result is a portable gaming device complete with a console quality mini-controller.  In addition to the MOGA mobile gaming unit PowerA is also working on a more traditional console-sized controller to give Android gamers a little choice when it comes to how they want to play their games on the go.

I for one think this contraption is awesome, and for the first time in a long time I can say that I’m jealous of Fandroid Nation.  I think the overall experience is much better on iOS, but if I had one complaint about gaming on that platform is that I’m always stuck with using virtual controls.  Any serious gamer will tell you that virtual controls suck worse than AIDS, so the allure of having a physical controller that is also sized for mobility is quite strong for this Apple fanboy.  I’ve read reports that Apple may have signed off on other companies making mobile controllers for their iDevices, but for now Android’s MOGA is the first legit mobile gaming setup for smartphones.

The MOGA should be out for the holiday season spend-a-thon, but at this time we don’t have pricing or official release date details.  For now you’ll just have to ogle over the screens below, and read up on the fact sheet.  You’ve been wishing Apple would commission something like this ASAP…

To MOGA or not to MOGA. That is the question.


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