Angry Bird Cake Maker Deserves Dad of the Year

The Angry Bird sensation is still taking the World by storm.  The physics based puzzler has become synonymous with mobile gaming, and it has even spread its reach into the collectibles market with Angry Birds plushies.  One Father has taken the Angry Birds obsession a step further than just playing the game and owning the toys.  This super Dad from the UK made his 6 year-old son Ben a fully working version of the game for his birthday cake.  That’s right, he made an Angry Birds birthday cake with an actual slingshot and game pieces for his son to enjoy.

Talk about making your kid’s birthday memorable!  Someone give this guy an award for being an awesome Dad.  Not only did he make a cake, which isn’t really considered manly, but he made a f*cking Angry Birds cake that actually works!  The best part is that it doesn’t look like a special person made it, which is usually how most baked goods look like when a Man’s touch is involved.  Check out the video below to watch Ben take down his Angry Bird cake that his Dad crafted for him.  You’ve been thinking that maybe not all Men are a-holes…


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