Angry Birds Star Wars Review: This Isn’t the Game You’re Looking For

Like I sucker I talked myself into buying Angry Birds Star Wars even though I knew it’d be more of the same with a new coat of paint, and after playing it, that’s exactly what this money making venture is.  If you’ve played any previous Angry Birds title don’t expect a brand new and exciting experience in the Star Wars version.  It’s literally the same damn game with new character skins that make the standard bird army look like Star Wars characters, if Star Wars characters were multi-colored oblong looking birds.

I’m sorry, I never got the Star Wars tie-in in the first place outside of its obvious money making endeavors, and even though I couldn’t help my fanboy self from buying it; I at least expected to be entertained in a fresh way in this Angry Birds title.  That just wasn’t the case for me.

Angry Birds Star Wars

EB 6.5 out of 10 Buddhas

(9 out of 10 if it’s your first ever Angry Birds title)

The Awesome

  • The whole Star Wars theme will make you wax nostalgic
  • Incorporation of Star Wars powers

The Not so Awesome

  • The Angry Birds formula is wearing thin
  • No real innovation
  • Gets boring fast for long time Angry Birds gamers


There isn’t one unless you consider static transition screens that depict certain scenes from the Star Wars saga as being a legitimate video game tale.  Yes, I know I’m being way too hard on a $.99 mobile game, but I’m just getting fed up with the further commercialization of Star Wars.  I’m at fault for it, and I brought this punishment down on myself, but every now and then I’d like to actually play something using the Star Wars license, and it have it feel original.

Oh aren’t they so stinking cute though? Meh!



It takes its finger and shoots a bird in a slingshot at some pigs with no bodies who dwell in ramshackle forts made out of ice, glass, wood, and any other medium that is easily destructible.  Sometimes they’re dumb enough to even include TNT in their forts.  Anyway, if you have one working finger (or thumb) you’ll be able to master Angry Birds Star Wars just like the rest of the AB games.  Once again the only change to the gameplay involves some cheap Star Wars trickery in the form of laser blasts, the Force, and some lightsaber action, but don’t expect to have your mind blown.  I didn’t come across anything original as far as gameplay goes in Angry Birds Star Wars.

Lasers provide a new challenge and AT-ATs are always rad


Angry Birds Star Wars will look great on your iDevice or Android device, but don’t expect a major leap in graphical fidelity.  It looks like every other Angry Birds game except for the fact that this version is skinned with Star Wars themes.  Although, the backgrounds probably are some of my favorite in the AB series, because the Star Wars infusion actually does set them apart from the rest.  I guess I would have to say that the graphics in ABSW are probably the most impressive part about this game, but don’t expect a visual revolution by any means.

The Star Wars backgrounds are a nice touch


Once again the sound department has bee overhauled to include some familiar Star Wars tones mixed with the Angry Birds universe.  Nothing that’ll make your eardrums hum with excellence.  In fact, you’ll probably end up muting the sound while playing anyway, so no use in spending anymore time in the sound review.

Final Verdict

I apologize for the Negative Nancy tone to this review, but I’m just fed up with Star Wars tie-ins in general.  If this was the very first Angry Birds title, or maybe even the second, I definitely would’ve enjoyed it greatly.  It’s just hard to get into a game that has been more or less the same formula since the original.  The Star Wars theme is neat, but after awhile the novelty wheres off and you just left with another flavor of Angry Birds.  I give Angry Birds Star Wars an EB 6.5 out of 10 Buddhas, but if it’s your first ever Angry Birds title then that score goes up to a 9 out of 10 Buddhas.  It really is a fun franchise, but at this point I’m far too burned out on the whole Angry Birds movement, and the Star Wars version paid the price for this fatigue.  You’ve been thinking I need to lighten up…


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