Animated Short Set to Superman’s Classic Theme Shows Him Saving ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘BvS’

YouTuber and animator Ben Bromley has crafted a fantastic animated Superman short that offers fixes by the Blue Boy Scout himself for Man of Steel and BvS. What’s even better though, is that the short also restores Superman’s iconic musical theme that John Williams cooked up for the Christopher Reeves starring Superman movies. That alone got me, because that tune, much like Williams’ other masterful movie themes, is one of the most memorable bits of music from my childhood. I instantly perk up when I hear the “duh, duh, duhduh”, because it’s probably the best superhero theme ever created, and only the Star Wars movie themes rank higher to me personally. It’s just a brilliant bit of movie music, so it definitely helps infuse some nostalgia into the animated parody.

Anyway, the gist of the video is that Superman goes back in time to fix problems with Man of Steel and BvS, to make them more like the Reeves Superman movies. For example, Superman goes back in time to help the citizens of Smallville as it gets torn apart by Zod and Cavill’s Superman, or he’s seen saving Bruce Wayne himself, which would have prevented a bunch of animosity on his part towards the alien hero. For BvS, it brings back a more traditional Lex Luthor and his tank armor that he has used in the comics to battle against the man of steel.

It’s just a fun video that Superman fans will enjoy, especially if you have a soft spot in your heart for the Reeves-starring Superman movies. Head on up above to check it out.


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