Anne Hathaway Scores Catwoman Role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

After weeks of speculation and a laundry list of supposed actresses being considered for the female lead in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Nolan has officially announced that Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in the next Batman movie.  Thoughts?  For one, she’s hot, which is more than you can say about Maggie Gyllenhaal who was in ‘The Dark Knight’.  Can she play a bada*s though?  Not too sure on that one, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the Summer of 2012 to find out.

Along with this announcement Christopher Nolan also confirmed that Tom Hardy will be playing Bane and not Hugo Strange in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.  Bane is that larger than life juice-head from one of the Batman on Ice movies back in the 90’s.  How f*cking flamboyant did those Batman movies get post Tim Burton and Michael Keaton?  Wow!  Anyway, stay tuned for more ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ details as they come out.  You’ve been wanting to get your as* kicked by a hot chick in a skin tight leather suit with a whip, over and over…

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